Decade of Road To Rouen

Celebrating 10 years since the release of Road To Rouen.

Recorded in rural France and Oxford, released on 15th August 2005, our fifth studio album made number 9 in the UK charts.

I described the mood of the album in Oxford music magazine Nightshift at the time. “French life is particularly slow paced, where people take their time to savour the flavours of life. If we’d recorded it in London it would have been a very different, perhaps more confused, record.”

More memorabilia posted at: Children of the Monkey Basket
POSTED BY: MICK QUINN · 10:00 AM · 15 AUGUST 2015  |  

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Its one of Supergrasses most unique albums, short but so different from everything else, and yes I guess you can hear that laid back sound, from France.

How about a reissue of this album, 10 years sounds a long time (does it seem that long??? to everyone), my only problem with this album is its to short.

Should of been 11 or 13 tracks. I have always wanted to hear the offcuts from this album, tracks that did not make it, b sides or demos.

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