I SHOULD COCO 20th Anniversary

Yep, I can't believe it either but 'I Should Coco' celebrates it's 20th birthday today. Released on 15th May 1995, it's still the biggest selling début album for Parlophone records since the Bible...sorry, Beatles.

But what about the re-issue?

Yes it's on the way, but somewhere between making it a top quality release and usual corporate nonsense, we've managed to miss the boat for the anniversary. A shame, but no real biggy, as a beautiful, extras packed, re-release will appear later this year including the long deleted vinyl. I'm not allowed to say any more for the moment but watch this space.
POSTED BY: MICK QUINN · 9:23 AM · 15 MAY 2015  |  

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ADDED BY CARLO · 4:42 PM · 19 MAY 2015
SUPERGRASS: my 1995 interview with the band to celebrate to celebrate' I Should Coco' 20 years anniversary. http://www.indie-rock.it/news_look.php?id=12217
i have the vinyl. Excited for a remaster with Stone Free, all the B-Sides and BBC sessions...maybe the Glastonbury set from 95 too?!
ADDED BY TIM · 5:40 PM · 15 MAY 2015
Still sounds like it was recorded yesterday. And still arguably the best debut album ever.
ADDED BY MATT · 4:14 PM · 15 MAY 2015
I'd love the vinyl! Have it in the other formats ( I should coco) let me know when it's avaliable? Pretty please.. mscouse@live.co.uk

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