'SOFA (OF MY LETHARGY)' Released on 7" Vinyl for for #RSD15

Supergrass – 'Sofa (Of My Lethagy)' b/w 'I Believe In Love' – 7-inch pine green vinyl in disco bag
Limited edition release for Record Store Day, 18th April 2015.

'Sofa (of My Lethargy)' was originally to be the released as a fifth single from 'I Should Coco' and in 1995, appeared on a radio promo CD. It's taken 20 years but finally we've got round to releasing it. Perfectly formed, with the instrumental outro saved for the album, it brings it into focus as a song and it sounds fantastic on vinyl.

B-Side 'I Believe In Love' was recorded in the Summer of 1994 during the making of 'I Should Coco'. Although a fine contender, the lyrics were never finished and it ended up languishing on a forgotten DAT tape for 20 years. Still sounding as fresh as the day it was recorded and gets under your skin within a few listens.
POSTED BY: MICK QUINN · 10:32 AM · 17 APRIL 2015  |  

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I would love to get one of these!
ADDED BY DEANO · 10:04 PM · 17 APRIL 2015
Count me in! Must have it!!!
ADDED BY KENNETH · 3:45 PM · 17 APRIL 2015
How do I get my greasy fingers on it?

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