Decade of Road To Rouen

Celebrating 10 years since the release of Road To Rouen.

Recorded in rural France and Oxford, released on 15th August 2005, our fifth studio album made number 9 in the UK charts.

I described the mood of the album in Oxford music magazine Nightshift at the time. “French life is particularly slow paced, where people take their time to savour the flavours of life. If we’d recorded it in London it would have been a very different, perhaps more confused, record.”

More memorabilia posted at: Children of the Monkey Basket
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ADDED BY WINFRIED · 12:42 PM · 13 JULY 2018
Love the band! Always happy when any of your songs come up on my playlist!
ADDED BY DANIEL · 5:05 PM · 8 JUNE 2018
I love Road to Rouen, a very sombre but mature record. Thanks for the memories!
ADDED BY BB · 3:53 PM · 5 JUNE 2018
Assuming folks in the band no longer bother reading this stuff but I'm going to put it out there regardless that you really need to release the back catalog on Vinyl. People are hungry for it. If you need any ideas, In It For The Money gate-fold double LP with the deluxe cd bonus tracks would be hot ;)
ADDED BY PVMASHUP · 11:03 AM · 26 MAY 2018
I too have a little shack in northern France and R2R is my go to pick as soon as Im out the tunnel... sets the tone, love it ....

on another note... I was at Brixton for the last gig and thinking back I'm not sure that there has been too much to match it since... missing your energy fellas.. thanks for the good times xx
ADDED BY SIMON · 2:51 AM · 3 MAY 2018
hermoso album one of my favorite record
You were and are my favorite band. I miss you guys immensely.
ADDED BY KAHN · 6:42 PM · 10 APRIL 2018
At the time, I was surprised when you guys released RtR. It souunded different from Coco. I still listen to it now. The "take your time" pacing of the songs makes it a pleasant listening. Actually could have lengthened the songs a bit, delving deeper ;-) Thanks Guys

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