Decade of Road To Rouen

Celebrating 10 years since the release of Road To Rouen.

Recorded in rural France and Oxford, released on 15th August 2005, our fifth studio album made number 9 in the UK charts.

I described the mood of the album in Oxford music magazine Nightshift at the time. “French life is particularly slow paced, where people take their time to savour the flavours of life. If we’d recorded it in London it would have been a very different, perhaps more confused, record.”

More memorabilia posted at: Children of the Monkey Basket
POSTED BY: MICK QUINN · 10:00 AM · 15 AUGUST 2015  |  

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ADDED BY NEIL R · 3:26 AM · 29 JUNE 2016
Gaz, I saw you play in New York earlier in the year. You sounded great. Time for a Supergrass reboot....?
ADDED BY JONATHAN · 4:58 AM · 20 JUNE 2016
Release the Drones should be put out. It might of been the best Supergrass record yet.
And anyway, its time the band did something unpredictable and energetic like their first record. No other Supergrass albums live up to that one so far.

ADDED BY ROBSON · 2:19 AM · 19 JUNE 2016
Hello guys we love you. Brazillian.
ADDED BY MOE · 10:00 PM · 17 JUNE 2016
i love you guys. please come back. please put out merch.
if u want my opinion micky quinn u guys should never have broke up i mean your one of 6 bands no longer with us the others being the verve pulp , oasis , the smiths happy mondays its about time all u guys put aside your differences and reformed wth new music your the only bands missing from tht britpop period
ADDED BY ROWAN · 2:07 PM · 4 JUNE 2016
i am going to best buy today and get a supergrass cd
ADDED BY GUS C · 3:37 AM · 3 JUNE 2016
Súpergrass, we love you in Buenos Aires!!

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